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2 Videos Had To Be Removed

January 28, 2014 | News

Unfortunately, I had to remove 2 videos that took place inside a certain music venue that I refuse to mention. I’m afraid to even mention the name or I’ll probably get legally threatened again. I was in the middle of filming another artist last week in their dressing room and they stopped me filming and put a piece of paper in front of my camera like I was Michael Moore doing some bad movie about them or something. I didn’t get permission to film in there, despite getting the okay from the musicians/bands and record labels.

After the incident last week, I got sent a letter from their lawyer 2 days later to remove the videos or try to license the videos since they were considered “commercial.” If the site is for commercial purposes, that’s the first I’m hearing about it and I started it! Would be nice to get paid for this but I’m not. I just decided to remove the videos because I don’t want anything to do with this venue anymore. I won’t be attending any more shows there. I guess the venue doesn’t want free publicity and want people to know about their venue & the artists that play there. At least there are other places that are fine with me filming inside their venues.

The episodes that were removed featured Chris Trapper and The Alternate Routes. I hope I get to film something new with them soon, preferably outside when it’s warmer but it certainly won’t be at that venue. I lost 2 videos but gain a new one which I’ll be posting tonight or tomorrow.

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