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Before The Concert - Episode 2: Larry and His Flask

Bid on a Larry and His Flask signed print for Hurricane Sandy relief

December 20, 2012 | News

I’m currently auctioning off a few prints of some bands that signed prints of mine for Hurricane Sandy relief. One of the bands involved is Larry and His Flask, who Before The Concert filmed in the Fall.

The auctions end on Saturday night so be sure to bid, and help spread the word as well! Other prints being auctioned off include Bigger Thomas, Carbon Leaf, Flogging Molly and Chris Trapper of the Push Stars. Round 2 of the auctions will happen once I get more prints back but in the meantime, bid on these and help out!

Read more about the Hurricane Sandy relief prints auctions here. Bid on Larry and His Flask’s print here.

BTC will be back strong in 2013 and we’ll get this series started properly! I just got a Nikon d800 so that’s another option to film with, plus I think we might try to film some stuff in January. Can’t wait!

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