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January 2013 Updates

January 24, 2013 | News

I hope everyone enjoyed the Nick Gill video I posted earlier this week. I’ll have an outtake video from the session posted tonight or tomorrow. It was a lot of fun filming with Nick, and I doubt that will be the last time he performs for the video series.

That session was the first time filming with my new camera, the Nikon D800. I thought it was great and easy to use for basic shooting. Still would be nice to have a shoulder rig and other things to make filming go smoothly. It’s also more practical bringing that to concerts than the video camera because then I don’t have to bring 2 cameras and all this stuff. But I’ll probably still use both cameras when it calls for it. Maybe if I’m filming in a location that’s secluded, I’ll put one on a tripod.

Looking in the future, there are 2 potential episodes coming up with Dan Potthast of Mu330 and New Jersey’s New London Fire but those aren’t finalized yet. It’s kind of tough scheduling things around week-day shows and also the fact that’s it’s as cold as Hoth outside right now. In March, I’d love to film The Saw Doctors and The Revival Tour but not sure that will happen yet either. This series is basically last minute video sessions. But, if there is a band you think would be a good fit for the series and playing New York City area, please let me know!

Also, I’m still looking for help with filming and audio (mostly audio though). Even if you don’t have much experience and/or looking for some experience with video & audio, hit me up.

In the meantime, PLEASE spread the word about the series and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Before The Concert could use all the help it gets. Thanks and enjoy the videos!

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