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Taking a Quick Break

November 19, 2012 | News

Well you may have noticed we haven’t done a new episode in awhile. I guess I’ll consider those previous 2 episodes a soft launch of the video series for now because we’re more than likely taking a break until the new year.

We were suppose to film Pilfers during Skalapalooza but things fell through. Would have been great to get some behind the scenes footage of the band getting ready. I was trying to get them to perform some acoustic versions of their songs, but they never did that with their songs before. There’s always next time; just hope it’s not 2-4 years down the road.

I’m going to London at the end of the week for vacation. I wish I was filming the Levellers over there but it’s tough trying to schedule things around a vacation. So basically, things on the site are taking a back seat for right now. Plus, the stupid Hurricane messed up the PATH so that doesn’t help with going to shows and finding bands to film. The PATH is still in limited service and stops running at 10pm so it’s kind of hard to get to a show unless I drove in. So right now going to shows in Manhattan is off limits until they get that system up & running.

On my photo site, I’m going to be having a several signed print auctions with a bunch of bands (to name a few: Descendents, Carbon Leaf, Larry and His Flask, Pilfers, Saw Doctors, Great Big Sea, NOFX and more!) and the proceeds will going to the American Red Cross or another Hurricane Sandy relief charity. So be on the look out with that.

But back to BTC, I’m anticipating tons of new episodes and videos in 2013! We just need to find artists & bands willing to participate with us. I’m hoping to film Nick Gill, Saw Doctors and some others in the first few months in 2013. Here’s hoping!

If you want to have us film some backstage stuff with you, or maybe just film you playing a song or two around New York City or somewhere, let us know at I’m willing to go to a show in the Tri-state area to film too, but has to be on the weekend most likely.

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