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Welcome to

August 26, 2012 | News

Welcome to the website! I hope you like what you see. Everything is a work in progress and I will get better with each video. I know there are a million music sessions websites out there right now but I’m hoping to cover music that really isn’t apart of those sites. When I thought of this idea, I didn’t really imagine that there was a lot of people doing this but of course, there’s a ton haha. Oh well, might as well join everybody in doing something fun with music and videos. It makes sense for me to do something like this, since I have a passion for both music & film and come from a photography background as well.

The basic idea of the website is pretty simple. Just film bands and musicians before their concerts (shows, events, etc. whatever you want to call it. Before the show dot com was taken and wanted thousands of dollars for the name so there goes that name idea…oh well). Sometimes we’ll have interviews, sometimes we won’t. It really depends on the bands & musicians and how much time they have. it’s going to be tricky trying to find places to shoot around New York City and Tri-State area.

The very first episode features my good friend Frank Froese. You can view that on the homepage when it gets posted later on. I have a lot of extra video (more songs, outtakes, bloopers) and I’ll be posting all that soon as well.

It would be nice (and very helpful) if you can spread the word about and the videos as much as possible. If you haven’t already, you can follow us on twitter @beforeconcert and facebook.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the videos!

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