Episode 11: Justin Sane of Anti-Flag

When I started this video series, one of the few bands or artists I wanted to film in the beginning was Justin Sane and/or Anti-Flag. I got the chance when Anti-Flag was in town for 2 nights at the Studio at Webster Hall in NYC. The band is currently on tour celebrating their 20 years as a band. They play two nights in each city and play different sets each night. Sadly, I couldn’t make it to either shows but heard they were excellent. Hopefully they come back soon because they are a lot of fun to photograph!

We almost didn’t get a chance to film something with Justin because like usual, things were running behind schedules because of traffic. New York City is great but sometimes it likes to throw those monkey wrenches into your plans. Besides the traffic, the weather wasn’t exactly nice out. Thankfully everything came together and I filmed a song with Justin. My wife Kristen came along again but this time she just took some pictures of the filming.

As Kristen and I were walking down Broadway from Madison Square Park, we were being yelled at to cross the street. Of course, I was yelling back saying “where the hell do you expect me to go with all the cars here!?” I found out later that they were filming Anchorman 2 haha. Then we met up with Justin and Chris Stowe of AF Records and walked to the Cube area at Astor Place. Things were running late so Justin just sang “One Trillion Dollar$.” The video is short but I was happy to have filmed at least 1 song.

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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