Episode 10: The Jim Ivins Band

Richmond, VA/NYC rock band The Jim Ivins Band played The Studio at Webster Hall last weekend with Son Of Bill. My Wife Kristen and I meet up with the band to film a sort-of acoustic session at a rehearsal studio in New York City. We originally wanted to film in Cooper Square but that pesky Spring weather made us change our plans.

The band was running low on time in the studio space, but we managed to film Jim and Bobby play three songs. “You Can Have It All” started things off, then “It’s Getting Better” was played. For the final song, Jim played “Lost My Mind” solo. In the beginning, we filmed a song with a mirror in the background. I obviously didn’t think things through and you could see my gut in the mirror. Not an appealing sight.

This was also the first time Kristen helped out and thought she did a great job consider she didn’t didn’t know anything about the camera prior to this haha. After filming, we ended up almost getting stuck in a nasty thunderstorm in Jersey City. It felt like a tidal wave came through, thankfully we were inside a Duane Reade. The store doors were flying open, people were fleeing inside soaking wet. If I was out walking in that, I would have gotten all my equipment ruined. Close call!

It was fun filming with my wife and also cool to hang out with the band before their show and film a few tunes. Check out their album Everything We Wanted on iTunes and if they are playing in your neighborhood, go see them play!

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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