Frank Froese – “Toilet Corn”

I’ve known Frank for over 15 years and he still knows how to get a laugh out of me. After filming for the day, we were all hanging out in my apartment. Frank brought up he wrote some improvised songs about his old job and how he used to sing to them there. We were intrigued.

He told us this story about something he encountered at his old job and played us this song he called “Toilet Corn.” Yes, it’s about that and it’s not some hidden meaning. Once Frank finished the song, I said get your guitar back on, we’re filming this! Why Frank doesn’t just write comedy songs is a mystery to me.

Enjoy the awesomeness that is “TOILET CORN!”

Frank Froese – “The Angel”

After dinner, we decided to film Frank some more and we ended up at the Marina in my neighborhood. It was a nice evening, not to hot or cold and there was a nice pink sunset overlooking the marina. Frank performed a Bruce Springsteen cover of “The Angel.” Like what Frank said at the end of the video, we’re in Jersey after all. Can’t perform in New Jersey without either covering The Boss or Jovi, but I can’t see Frank covering Bon Jovi. Maybe as a joke?

Thankfully there were no annoying barking dogs near by while we filmed this time.