Episode 12: The Trophy Fire

The Trophy Fire were recently on the East Coast touring, which included a stop at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. My wife Kristen and I trekked over to Williamsburg and met up with the San Francisco band at that club.

We decided to walk over to the East River at Grand Ferry Park since East River Park was packed with people at the Brooklyn Flea. The day was sunny, hot and extremely humid. The moment we started to walk with the band, it started to rain. Not a heavy rain but a weird sun shower. We kept stopping under trees and hiding in doorways so the camera equipment and guitars weren’t getting too soaked. Thankfully the sun shower stopped right when we arrived at the park.

Ben, Adam and John played 3 songs with the Williamsburg Bridge and Empire State Building in the background. It was a nice spot that I found by just looking at Google Maps. The 3 songs that they played were “Kids” and “Spinning” off their awesome new album Directions For Daylight and a cover of Band Of Horses’ “For Annabelle.” It was a lot of fun hanging out with the band for an hour and filming them. Be sure to get their new album because it’s pretty damn good!

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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