Episode 13: Willie Nile

I’ve been trying to film Willie Nile for awhile now. We were trying to film before his Joe’s Pub performance back in April but it was too cold out. We finally got the chance to meet up at a Book Store of all places. Willie and his incredible backing band of Matt Hogan, Johnny Pisano and Alex Alexander did a quick set at the store in Union Square. They played for a half hour or so and then had a signing for Willie’s latest album American Ride, which is brilliant by the way!

I originally wanted to film Willie and the guys in Union Square but the way the heat has been this summer, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So, Willie and the band ended up playing in their tiny green room. I requested to hear “Places I Have Never Been” since I haven’t heard him play it before. It’s my favorite song by him. He said he hadn’t played that in over 4 years but did so anyway. It couldn’t have went better in my opinion. Who knows, maybe Willie will break it out during his sets again? After that, he played the title track from his new album American Ride. Such an awesome song!

Besides filming the Aussie comedy band The Beards, this was the only time it was really hard to hold in the laughter. As you’ll see in the video, Matt Hogan was goofing off with the maracas and at one point put one up like a boob. Yeah, I nearly lost it (or did). That was just unexpected and hilariously funny! Then Alex was playing his beer as an instrument for “Places I Have Never Been.” I guess he wanted to join in. Then he took out his phone and was playing an app that plays guitars, violins, etc. so that was making me laugh too because I wasn’t expecting that either. I told the guys after that I didn’t think a green room performance would be so enjoyable. It’s like a campfire sing-along but with alcohol and in a book store. If you haven’t already, be sure to buy Willie Nile’s new album American Ride off Loud and Proud Records. It’s truly one of his best albums to date.

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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