Episode 17: Jordan Klassen

I’ve seen Jordan Klassen perform on other Canadian sessions sites before like Southern Souls. Once I knew he was going to be in New York for a small show at Bowery Electric, I wanted to film him. The band just released their excellent new album Repentance, via Ingrooves. I’ve been listening to that album just about everyday it seems. Definitely recommend checking it out!

Before their set at Bowery Electric, I met up with Jordan and Jocelyn Price at Cooper Square. The small square is up the street from the venue and I filmed them performing “Sweet Chariot” and “Go To Me.” During “Go To Me,” Jordan ended up shouting the chorus in “Go To Me” and it got a bit loud; it kind of caught me off guard while filming them. Still, “Go To Me” is still probably my favorite track off his new album.

There always seems to be some sort of issue when filming in New York City. Bus noises, cops/ambulances driving by, mics not working, which I thought was happening this time. I thought I had to give up using the lav mics because I wasn’t getting a signal. Jordan looked at the lav mic and he said, “wait there’s a mute button on it.” DOH! Totally forgot there was a mute button on there and that was the reason why it wasn’t working.

I’m hoping I can film Jordan and Jocelyn again in the future since the audio was peaking a few times in the 2nd song. In any event, be sure to check them out on tour if they stop by your neck of the woods in Canada or in the States. If you want to see the photo gallery & a video from Jordan Klassen’s show at Bowery Electric, check out SkaPunkPhotos.com.

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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