Episode 1: The Outtakes

It’s tough trying to fit everything into a 15 minute video. I’m going to try really hard not to exceed that but sometimes things are left on the cutting room floor. Plus, there’s going to be a lot of clips that we can’t hold in the laughter, or we (or the musician) mess up or something out of the ordinary happens. I love blooper reels so I wanted to make one (mainly for myself and my friends). Hope you don’t mind my girlish giggle.

Before we even started, Frank was goofing around in my apartment with a song to my wife and trying to annoy her, and then broke out some Journey as well. Later on, we were trying to film with that pesky, barking dog and were just killing time. Frank decided to play the ’80s song “Heat of the Moment.”

When we went to the marina, Frank was messing around and played a little bit of Social Distortion. The final song is Frank trying to play Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” Apparently it’s a tricky song to play because Frank had quite the time playing it. It took him a few takes to get it and then got about half way through and had enough. Doesn’t make sense to add that to an episode but it’s funny how he messed up. It’s also fitting for a blooper reel as well.

Episode 1: Frank Froese

I knew when I started Before The Concert, I wanted my friend & musician Frank Froese to be the first guest for the series. I knew there would be a lot of outtakes & bloopers and I was right. I wanted to be able to film and just play around with everything, and get the hang of things.

My twin brother Matt came along to help out with this filming as well, and he was shooting with the Nikon D7000, I was using the Canon XF100. On a Saturday afternoon, Frank came down to my neighborhood in Jersey City from Scranton, PA area. We spent the afternoon going from location to location and filming Frank perform some songs.

The first spot I wanted to shoot at was the waterfront but I probably should have known there would be issues with the wind and other things. The wind was an issue, as well as us having an audience of people standing by and watching Frank. The people part wasn’t really the problem per say, but it does attract attention. By the end of the first song (“Where I’m From”), I noticed a Goldman Sachs security lingering around and probably seeing what we were doing. I didn’t feel like having this guy telling us what to do so we just left. Figures the very first session I ever did and I attract a crowd and security.

The next spot ended up being at Paulus Hook park which was nice and quiet, except for us and the cicadas. After doing an interview and having Frank play another song (“Handfuls Of Vicodin”), we walked down to the Morris Canal Liberty Park section to see how it was down there. Again, I probably should have known it would be windy and have other noises. In this case, it was just one dog barking every 2 seconds as its owner threw things in the water. After awhile, I said screw it and let’s just film. Bravo to Frank for keeping a straight face throughout his performance of “Kings Without A Crown,” because I nearly lost it a few times from laughing so much. Not about the song, but because of that damn dog!

It was a fun day to film, watch Frank perform, and have a nice field test for the series. I’m hoping to get back out there and film more musicians and bands very soon!

Frank will be playing at Kuzzin’s in Dunmore PA on September 15th. He will be playing a benefit for The Lupus Foundation! Sean Loughney will also be playing. Support a good cause and see some cool music.

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