Episode 4: Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance

Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance played at [music venue] last week during the Rock Ridge Music Residency series and he wanted to film something with Before the Concert. I met Gerry before his set, out in the freezing cold, as usual. It is Winter after all but that’s not going to stop me from filming! As Gerry put it” “Don’t worry, the Rock will keep us warm!”

I met Gerry at [music venue] and then walked over to Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which is located on Houston Street and Chrystie Street. It’s only a few blocks from the venue so we just needed to find a decent spot. Gerry performed the song “Dopamine” and afterwards, I asked him a few questions before we felt it was too damn cold to go on. By the way, sorry for the shakiness with the camera, it was in the ’20s after all and didn’t have a shooting rig or tripod. I tried my best. It was fun spending hanging out with Gerry in the cold and having him perform for the video series.

Be sure to check out Lost Romance’s Live at Great Scott, which you can download at their bandcamp page. Gerry and Lost Romance’s next show will be at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY on February 21st at 8pm. Be there!

If you don’t like watching videos on Vimeo, you can always watch the video at YouTube.

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