Episode 22: The Skints

As soon as I heard that the Skints were going to tour America, I knew I wanted to film an acoustic session with them. It almost didn’t happen but glad we got something!

We were originally going to film something before the doors opened at Brooklyn Bowl, but then was told they couldn’t do it. Then I was told it was going to happen so I arrived with my twin brother Matt around when the doors opened at Brooklyn Bowl. Then we were told it was going to happen after their set, which is fine. We’ll have it be before the concert for their next show then! But you can see the chaotic-ness that is sessions before concerts. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

We met up with the band after they played a killer set, which you can see my photos from that set here. We filmed them play their brilliant cover of Black Flag’s “My War.” We didn’t really have much of a choice in terms of location but we were happy to just to be filming. The mirror in the back proved to be troublesome since you can see Matt filming in the entire shot. I ducked down to avoid that but whatever, this was an impromptu session so had to make due with what we got.

I really appreciate that the band made time to film with us, and thanks to Josh at Reybee for making this happen! Let’s hope the band comes back to the East Coast soon because they were just a blast to watch on stage!

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up the “Album Of The Year” (declared by me of course), FM, at all stores or wherever you buy music.

You can watch this episode on the Before The Concert YouTube channel as well.

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