Episode 2: Larry and His Flask

Before The Concert’s 2nd episode features the excellent Bluegrass punk band Larry and His Flask! As soon as I heard of LATF, I knew they would be perfect for this series. Not only is their music awesome but they are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen! Plus, they are also extremely nice guys!

Before they were set to play before Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, my friend Ray and I hung out while they did their soundcheck. They were running a bit late with things, so when it came time to filming the sessions, it felt like a race to get everything done. Or well, that’s how I felt anyway haha. We were trying to figure out where to film, either Union Square, Cooper Square or Washington Square Park. I felt Cooper Square might be the best option since it’s close by and might not be that many people.

We decided to set up around the rotating Cube thing in the middle of the road. Jamin, the drummer, didn’t play with the guys because he had to have the drums back at the club. As soon as the band started up, it seemed like a crowd of 40 or so surrounded us to watch them busk. Some of them were people going to the show who happen to just get off the subway stop, others were just passerbys. Good thing is the band had a nice crowd, and got some money out of it. The bad part was trying to move back to get the whole band in the shot, and couldn’t. So I had to work with what I could.

Larry and His Flask started with “Land of the F(r)ee” off their full-length album All That We Know, and then after that Ian’s guitar string broke. After a few minutes of fixing that, they played “Closed Doors” off their new EP Hobo’s Lament.

I wanted to interview the band more but it wasn’t really the place with 40 people around us haha. So I just had Ian plug the new EP real quick and I requested “Hobo’s Lament.” I love the new EP and love the dixieland style the band incorporates into their music. It reminds me of Mad Caddies a little bit.

After that, the band hurried back to the club so they could see Jenny Owens Young open up the show. I had a blast filming these guys, although I’m a little unhappy with the way my filming and audio turned out. It’s basically trial and error for me right now. I know what needs to be better so I can only learn from there. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself? I don’t know. Either way, this was a hoot to shoot!

Check out all my photos of their live set over at SkaPunkPhotos.com.

A BIG Thanks to Larry and His Flask, Talia at Another Reybee Production, and Ray Manuud (for helping out with the audio and holding my bag haha).

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