Episode 21: Janet Devlin

After almost taking a year off (hiatus or vacation?) from Before The Concert, we’re back with Episode 21 featuring Irish singer/songwriter Janet Devlin and guitarist Roo Walker!

Janet’s new album Running With Scissors is a catchy folk-pop album and I like it a lot. She has such a unique, distinct voice and it was a treat hearing it in person. Janet was a contestant on the UK’s version of X Factor in 2011 and she went pretty far too. She was over in Manhattan for some press & events so I didn’t get a chance to see her perform a full set yet but I will next time she’s back in NYC.

I met up with Janet and her guitarist Roo at her hotel, along with her manager and publicist. I was originally going to film in Times Square area but when I went there, it was mobbed with people of course. crowds, Elmos, cops oh my! So it wouldn’t have been a good spot plus I didn’t know how long the rain was going to stay away. We tried filming on the hotel’s rooftop which would have been absolute perfect despite the fact that all the air vents were on full blast! After one try we knew that wasn’t going to work but it was certainly nice up there. We eventually just shot the videos in the hotel room, which worked out well.

Janet started out with “Whisky Lullabies,” and then played an acoustic version of “House of Cards.” Janet and Roo finished things up with a nice cover of Kodaline’s “All I Want.” It was a pleasure to meet and film with Janet and everyone should check out her new album!

You can watch this episode on the Before The Concert YouTube channel as well.

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