Episode 19: Jason DeVore of Authority Zero

I’ve been a fan of Authority Zero since their first album was sent to me for review around 2005. Since then, I’ve been a big fan and love seeing Authority Zero in concert every time they are in town. Like many of the musicians and bands that are featured on this site, frontman Jason DeVore and the band have been on my wish-list to film since I started the series. I was trying to find time to film Jason last June when they played in NYC with Ballyhoo! but couldn’t find time. Thankfully, I finally got around to filming Jason this time!

This episode is a bit different than the others since it’s not a BEFORE the concert episode. Originally I wanted to film Jason before the concert started but with time restraints, we couldn’t make it work. So this is an AFTER the concert episode that was filmed outside the venue, towards the end of the show. It was too noisy to film in the dressing room and thankfully wasn’t raining, so we ventured outside and quickly grew a small dedicated audience.

Jason played two songs, both from Stories of Survival: “Get It Right” and “Big Bad World.” Both songs are some of my favorites so I was happy with the choices. It was great seeing the people around Jason singing and dancing, it made for a better video. During the video, Jason broke 1 or 2 strings while playing and added a verse about it in one of the songs. That made for a funny moment. Afterwards, Jason stuck around the cold to talk with fans and take pictures. I wanted to get a photo with him and a few others jumped in the shot as well, which I was laughing about since I just wanted one with myself. It’s all good, makes for a fun photo. Thanks to the Irving Plaza guys for not stopping the filming!

If you haven’t seen Authority Zero in concert yet, you’re truly missing out! They put on an awesome show and they just keep getting better and better.

I took a ton of photographs at the show, which you can see over at my photo site SkaPunkPhotos.com.

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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