Episode 6: Jerad Finck

Every time I film a session outside, I say it was the coldest its ever been. Well, this was definitely the case this time! I met up with singer/songwriter Jerad Finck at The Highline Ballroom on 16th street and then walked down 2 blocks to the little park near the Apple Store. The temperatures felt like they were in the teens or lower. The major problem that night was the wind, which you’ll unfortunately hear in the audio at times.

At one point towards the end, a huge wind gust came through and we were all cringing and kind of laughing at the same time. I think my arms were frozen for the second song too, because I forgot to focus at one point haha. So in a way, the second track is my outtake. It was freezing out, but what do you expect trying to film outside in February. I didn’t want to film inside though. Next time it’s that windy, I need to get some windscreen thing for the lav mic. If there are any audio people out there and have a better idea on how to get rid of this wind, let me know!

Jerad performed the songs “Won’t Give Up” and “Stuck in Your Riddle,” which are off his awesome EP Stuck in Your Riddle on Rock Ridge Music. You can get that on iTunes or Amazon.com.

Jerad Finck was a trooper for putting up with the cold; good thing he didn’t perform barefooted like he normally does. Talk about frostbite! Be sure to check out Jerad live, which you can see some of my photos I took during his set at Highline Ballroom. You can see the rest of them at my photography website SkaPunkPhotos.com.

You can watch this episode on the Before The Concert YouTube channel as well.

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Episode 5: Roses and Revolutions

Roses and Revolutions consists of Singer/Songwriter duo Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt from Rochester, NY. They recently played [music venue] on the Lower East Side, where I’ve shot the last few episodes of Before The Concert. I decided to brave the frigid air with the band and film them performing on the corner of Stanton Street and Allen Street.

They played short renditions of “Home” and “Moving On.” The duo sometimes play with cellists and percussionists as well, which they did that night at [music venue]. While filming the band, during the talking portion of the video, you’ll hear someone scream out something. No idea what the biker is saying but sounds like he’s trying to plug a restaurant. Only in New York, and happens just about every time I film on the street. I would expect nothing less from New Yorkers.

Thanks to Roses and Revolutions (Alyssa and Matt) for staying out in the cold for a few minutes with me. They are from Rochester so they can handle it better than I can. It was a lot of fun despite my legs buckling from the cold! Burrrrrrr.

Be sure to check out their latest album Earth and Everything on iTunes or Amazon.com.

If Vimeo isn’t your thing, you can watch the video on YouTube as well.

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Feel free to share this video and post the embed on your website! Just remember to include a link back to this page! Thanks a lot!

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Episode 4: Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance

Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance played at [music venue] last week during the Rock Ridge Music Residency series and he wanted to film something with Before the Concert. I met Gerry before his set, out in the freezing cold, as usual. It is Winter after all but that’s not going to stop me from filming! As Gerry put it” “Don’t worry, the Rock will keep us warm!”

I met Gerry at [music venue] and then walked over to Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which is located on Houston Street and Chrystie Street. It’s only a few blocks from the venue so we just needed to find a decent spot. Gerry performed the song “Dopamine” and afterwards, I asked him a few questions before we felt it was too damn cold to go on. By the way, sorry for the shakiness with the camera, it was in the ’20s after all and didn’t have a shooting rig or tripod. I tried my best. It was fun spending hanging out with Gerry in the cold and having him perform for the video series.

Be sure to check out Lost Romance’s Live at Great Scott, which you can download at their bandcamp page. Gerry and Lost Romance’s next show will be at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY on February 21st at 8pm. Be there!

If you don’t like watching videos on Vimeo, you can always watch the video at YouTube.

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