Episode 8: The Beards

The Beards, now here is a band that was a lot of fun to film! The Beardly bearded band from South Australia met up with me on one of their press days in Washington Square Park on Wednesday night. The band has been touring this Winter/Spring with dates in LA, Austin (SXSW), Toronto, and New York City. They will be hitting the festival circuit in Australia and Europe as well. The guys sang three hilarious songs about…well you guessed it…BEARDS!

When I arrived at the park after work, it wasn’t really hard to spot the band hanging out by the fountain. We decided to film off to the side since there was other people playing guitars. They performed three tunes (“Born with a Beard,” “Shaved Off His Beard,” and “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums”) off their Beards, Beards, Beards album. Their latest album Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard was released last year but is definitely worth picking up!

After the first song, a fan in the park recognized the band and came over to touch their beards. I didn’t realize until after that Nathaniel Beard was making the girl’s scarf into a beard. It was a great moment, which is all in the episode! It was tough trying to film these guys and not laugh while filming. I think I did well. Even when the camera wasn’t on, the guys were making Beard related puns and jokes. I had a big grin on my face after filming The Beards and they were definitely one of my favorites to film to date. Thanks to Mark Tyson for taking my picture with the band! I always seem to forget to take a picture with the bands and musicians that I film.

If you like YouTube better, you can watch the episode over at the Before The Concert channel.

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