A bit of downtime

If you haven’t noticed, Before The Concert is taking a bit of downtime after filming a bunch in July. We got great sessions with Carbon Leaf, Trapper Schoepp, Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!, Willie Nile and The Trophy Fire and all them went smoothly. So if you haven’t seen those yet, you can catch up with the older episodes now!

You can also check out a video I made of my wife and I having fun in NYC in the Summer:

Summer in NYC from Bryan Kremkau on Vimeo.

I’m going to Italy for 2 weeks in September so have been just preparing for that and having a crash course of all things Italy lately. Never been there so I’m really excited and going to visit Rome, Venice, Murano, Burano, Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano, Pisa and Tuscany! Quite a lot in 2 weeks! The one downside to the vacation is losing warm months for filming but its not everyday I get the chance to go eat myself into a food coma over in Italy. But I will be back the end of September and hopefully will start lining up some more filming after that.

Like always, if you’re interested in filming something, let me know at bryan@beforetheconcert.com. Unfortunately, I can’t film every band I get asked to because of time, distance (ie. Brooklyn – unless it’s on the weekend), etc. but definitely open to suggestions and invites. Please continue to spread the word about the website and the videos, and like those Facebook posts! Retweeting and other forms of social networking helps as well. Thanks everybody and see you in the Fall!