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Episode 20: Jake Smith of The White Buffalo

April 25, 2014 | Episodes

I’m fairly new to The White Buffalo but as soon as I heard songs like “Wish It Was True” and “BB Guns and Dirtbikes,” I became an instant fan that had to get all of the band’s albums. When I knew this Chuck Ragan/The White Buffalo tour was going to stop in New York City, I figured that would be a great time to meet up with Jake Smith of the band.

Originally, I was trying to get both Jake Smith and Chuck Ragan to do something together but I was happy just to film either of them. Like with all Chuck Ragan shows in New York, he was incredibly busy but thankfully Jake Smith found time to film 2 songs with me, even though he was a bit under the weather. Would have been nice to film outside but don’t think we’re quite there yet with the weather in New York. One day is great and then it’s two steps back to being cold again. The schedule was a bit hectic for Jake as well so Team Reybee and me just decided to film in the band’s dressing room at Irving Plaza.

I got into the room a few minutes before Jake came in so I could setup. As I was setting up, I realized that The White Buffalo’s drummer Matt was sleeping on one of the couches. I didn’t even realize he was there! I was trying to setup as quietly as I could so I didn’t wake him up. Once Jake came in, Matt woke up and moved to another couch since the other one didn’t have mirrors behind it. I didn’t want to show up in the video the entire time.

Jake ended up playing “Fire Don’t Know” from the band’s newest album Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways and then one of my favorites, “BB Guns and Dirtbikes.” It was a real treat to hear Jake sing exclusively for me and I was hoping he would play at least one of my favorites. Glad he did! Even though Jake was sick, I still wanted to take a picture with him afterwards. Thankfully, I didn’t catch what he had.

Thanks to The White Buffalo for letting me film in the dressing room before the concert, as well as a nice thank you to the Reybee crew!

You can watch this episode on the Before The Concert YouTube channel as well.

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